Modern industrialization has not only been offering high class products rather they have got the benefit of using high end industrial materials that were unheard of in the past. Today, there are several innovations that could have re-altered the way things were done in the past. The engineering is what matters today, and thanks to the same engineering,

We have inventions like cable trays and motor guard canopies and trench covers. Safety has become the priority everywhere and in all industries including the city planning and other public use areas. There are many composite making companies that have become popular and of them, the FRP Trench covers happen to be a common product.


What are FRP Trench covers and how are they beneficial?

FRP Trench covers, as the name suggests are covers that are used for covering the trenches in pathways or roads so that people do not risk their lives by falling down or so that vehicles too can pass over trenches in a smooth manner. Made of high quality Fiber Reinforced Plastics, these trench covers come out specifically for the mid level use to heavy-duty purposes. For instance, if the purpose is to use the trench covers simply as a cover over trenches and used by ports and airports, then the thickness and strength has to be increased manifold to withstand the strength.

These trench covers are laid from end to end depending on the trench size and they are resistant to corrosion and are very light in weight making it easy for them to spread it across from end to end.

The FRP Trench covers are easy to maintain, offer electrical shock resistance, and offer a long life, therefore, companies do not hesitate in seeking the best for their industry.


A look at their strength and other specifications:

A good quality Fiber Reinforced Plastics based covers are usually very strong and since they offer resistance to chemicals or acids and extreme temperatures, they are basically used everywhere. They are cost efficient and hence, they are used extensively by all the industries in their hauling and loading areas where these are used as carpeting and pathways.


The load that these trench covers can take vary between 3,400 lbs to 202,000lbs on an average, and due to this reason, they are in great demand from shopping malls to shipping cargo industries. Made with plastic and not with metal, they do not cause any spark or fire and hence, are very safe.

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